Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Money Saving Website

I just found BillShrink.com. It's a really neat website where you enter info on your current
  • Cable bill
  • Cell phone plan
  • Credit card
  • Savings and CD info
  • or Gas station info (to find the cheapest gas)
After you enter your info it calculates based on what you input and tells you if your current plan is the cheapest or if there are other plans that would save you money.
I entered my cell phone info and it said:
Way to go!
Based on what you've told us about your cellphone usage, it appears that you are already on the best plan! The market changes quickly so we'll let you know if money-saving opportunities become available...
(I have a Virgin Mobile phone; if you are wondering.)
If you have a bundle package it might be helpful to have the bill in hand when you enter the info so you can enter just the cable info. It does not take into account that you are also getting phone and internet with a bundle deal.
It only takes a few minutes and if anything it's educational. ;)
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