Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nationwide flights from Denver as low as $39!

Even if you don't live in Denver, if you are close enough to drive or if you can find a cheap "puddle jumper" flight to Denver, some of these airfare prices through are worth mentioning.


Houston $39 $98
Austin $39 $100
Phoenix $54 $125
Salt Lake City $59 $140
San Antonio $69 $158
Las Vegas $69 $160
San Diego $70 $174
St. Louis $74 $183
Chicago $89 $200
New York City $99 $220
Boston $104 $230

The above picture is just an image, click HERE to view the calendar.

For example, if I lived in Bosie and I found a cheap flight into Denver on Southwest, I could then use the $99 rate to go from Denver to New York.

Sometimes....but not pays to break up your flight to get a better deal. Get creative in the way you find your tickets online and you might be able to save a few $.
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