Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WOW, FREE $4 from Smith's!

Check out what I stumbled upon this morning!
Head on over to Smith's website, log in with your Fresh Rewards card and download 4 P&G coupons. Enter 4 email addresses of "friends" and you automatically get $4 loaded on your reward card! UPDATE: The $4 referral credit is considered a "P&G coupon" so if you use your P&G e-coupons your $4 credit will not show up on this transaction, but is should on your next transaction.

A few coupons worth mentioning are:
  • $1 off IAMS cat or dog food $9.99 (-$1=$8.99)
  • $2 off Tide Detergent $4.99 (-$2=$2.99)
  • $1 off Charmin Soft 12 pack double rolls $5.99 (-$1=$4.99)
  • $1 off Bounty paper towels $5.99 (-$1=$4.99)
All of these items are on the "Buy 4 and save" deal at Smiths right now. That means you save $1 off of each just for buying 4 items. (prices listed above are AFTER the purchase of 4 items)
NOTE: coupons on your reward card AUTOMATICALLY take precedence over clipped coupons you have in your hand. You CAN NOT use the digital coupons AND clipped coupons on the same item. And you can't opt to use the more high value coupon in your hand over the lower value digital one. So be careful about what you stock on your card.
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