Friday, June 5, 2015

Save Money on College Books

Attention College Students: Books are EXPENSIVE specially when you only use them for a few months.

One of the options to save money (gotta love that!) is to rent textbooks. They didn't have online textbook rentals back in my day! lol wanted to show Thrifty 101 readers how to save money on textbooks by renting them online.

I was really impressed with their prices. They are 40-90% less then bookstore prices AND shipping is FREE both ways! Sometimes online deals are not worth it after shipping costs...but with FREE can't go wrong. :)

I also liked that they don't expect you to return the books in "new" condition. They understand that highlighting and note taking are a necessity in college and you are allowed to do so in your rental books. The rental periods are flexible so you need not worry about not having a book long enough or returning one early if you need to.

Attention current students and College Alumni: Do you have old text books you are holding on to? has an amazing new option Rent Back Textbooks to fellow students and earn money!! Send in your textbooks, they get rented out to other students and YOU get paid!

Extra Bonus: A portion of every rental will go to Operation Smile!  What a great way to give back.
Currently they are running a summer promo...$29.00 for any book!

Go check them out, save money, 
do a good deed and even make a profit!

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