Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to School Shopping - UPDATE

If you read my first post a few weeks ago, I mentioned that it was still a little too early to start buying school supplies. ~Well, the wait is over.....let the shopping begin!

First off, go through what you already have. I cleaned out my desk the other day, and found enough un-used pencils we had acquired from different places, to make 2 HUGE bundles I bound with a rubber band. Although the 10 pack of mechanical pencils at Wallgreens for $1 is tempting...I can't justify buying more pencils. Guess I'll spend that $1 somewhere else.

I saw quite a few posts about the "amazing deal" that Walmart had on 2 packs of Elmers gluesticks for .25 each. Well, in the ad today, Walgreens has the same 2 pack of Elmers gluesticks for .19! They also have Kleenex for .99- 78 or 110 count boxes.

Another deal at Walgreens; there is a store coupon for Capri Sun 10 pack for $1.99 each with a limit of 3. That alone is not a great deal. But combine it with any coupons you have, like $1.00 off a purchase, and you get them for a $1! *My "stock up" price on Capri Sun is $1 a box, and with school lunches right around the corner, it's a great deal.....IF you have a coupon to add to it.

Walmart has 70 sheet spiral notebooks for .15 each. I believe Smith's had them 2 weeks ago for 5/$1.

Office Max has 2 pocket folders for .01 each, limit 6. They also have a 10 pack of Papermate wooden pencils for .15 limit of 3

If I needed gluesticks my game plan would be to go directly to Walmart and price match. Walgreens does not plan well for good deals like this, and if you have been to Walmart recently, you know they have boxes and boxes of glue sticks. Take the Walgreens ad with you! The Capri Sun is a Walgreens coupon, and must be purchased at Walgreens, but like I said you can stack a manufacturer's coupon on the store coupon.

Officemax plans well for deals like this. If you are near an Officemax, I would go directly to the store instead of trying to find the same item at Walmart. *Ask for a rain check if they are out. A rain check is a "coupon" of sorts that states you were in-store to get the deal, but they were out of stock and you are entitled to that same sale price when you redeem the rain check at a later date. And lets be honest, are your kids really going to need those 2 pocket folders and a brand new pencil the first day of school, or could you wait to use the raincheck next week to purchase them, you would still get the same price.

**Here's my teacher plug**
Elementary teachers ALWAYS need gluesticks. At .19 cents for a 2 pack, grab a few extras to send to school with your child's teacher. The teachers at our school are also greatly appreciative of Kleenex's to keep in the classroom. Being married to a teacher I know how much out of pocket money gets spent on supplies for the classroom. A box of tissues here, a pack of glue sticks there really adds up over the course of the school year. You could even keep them until Christmas and give to them in a "supply basket". **UPDATE from a teacher: Clorox Wipes and Hand Sanitizer is another need in the classroom** Thanks Michelle! :)
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  1. thanks for the shout out for teachers - Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer are also both great!


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