Friday, September 3, 2010

Clothes shopping tips

We had some cold weather here a few days ago, and my eight year old informed me he had no pants that fit him. I didn't believe him so I checked and in fact, he had no pants that fit him.

So armed with an assortment of coupons, I headed to the Old Navy Outlet in hopes of finding some cheap pants...(in season, YA RIGHT!...) The ON Outlet was having a 40% off of everything sale. I had a coupon that wasn't working at the register (it should have), so my AWESOME cashier over-rode it. So here is what I did:

$19.99 1 pair Painters Jeans, size 8
- $10 gift card I got in the mail
-40% off (outlet store sale)
-20% off Outlet mall coupon
+ tax
For a grand total of $2.33 It was amazing. I was afraid that I was shopping "in season" and was going to have to bite the bullet and pay RETAIL!!!! I ♥ Old Navy.

This experience brings me to another great shopping tip:

. (if you can help it) ;)
Now is the best time of year to stock up on sandals, shorts, and swims suites for next year. Just buy a size bigger then what your kids wear right now and you will be all set for next Summer! Also be on the look out for swim shirts. They can be really pricey if you get them in season.

I found a few swimsuits (Tankinis) on clearance last February for $2.50 a piece (top and bottom). So my whole suite cost me $5.00. We go through suites very quickly in my family, so I'm not too picky about what they look like, but these were REALLY cute suits! And funny thing is, they are the ones that get the compliments when I wear them. After my sisters tell me how cute my suite is, it's so fun to say "Ya, I got it at Target for $5". :)
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  1. Wow! That is impressive! My 3 girls are Justice obsessed. I've bought off season clearance with a 40% code (available on-line, or by e-mail) and shown them my 5% frequent shopper card,and gotten a good deal. But your shopping prowess is amazing!

  2. The other thing I would say is don't be afraid to shop when you're in another part of the country. In southern California, swim suits are never "off season" but you can get killer deals on snow and winter gear here because we have ridiculously short winters. Note to self: I'm shopping for swim suits next time I'm in snow country in the winter. :)


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