Monday, February 7, 2011

DIY Thrifty Thursday

I am so sad!  Just when I discover "Link Parties" they start charging a fee to use the Linky tool! :(    boo!

Since I was new to the "Link Party Game" I have decided to end my short run of DIY Thrifty Thursday's link party.  *sigh.  BUT I'm still going to have DIY Thrifty Thursday....just no link party. 

So, the way it will work is.......
  • If you would like a project featured on DIY Thrifty Thursday, email it to me at and I will feature it on DIY Thrifty Thursday.
  • I am also going to be participating in other link parties (bigger ones that can justify paying for the service) and when I find some awesome projects, I will feature them on DIY Thrifty Thursday as well.  So your creative motivation will not be lost. :)

Hopefully another FREE Linky service will arise from this.  If I find one I will totally bring back DIY Thrifty Thursdays Link Party.  Until then, stop back on Thursday for some great featured projects!
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