Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Thrifty 101 is almost up to the 300 followers mark, we are only 9 people short.  You know what that means.......GIVEAWAYS!!!!

I've got one in the works that should be up shortly.  I was provided with 5 small giveaways and 1 main one (did someone say Gift Card?), so that means 6 possible winners!

Stay tuned, and thanks for following Thrifty 101! :)

*And as a BONUS entry, when the giveaway is posted (hopefully tonight), if you mention the random image below of the "Underwater hotel" I'll give you 5 extra entries.  Just for being an active follower. That's how much I love ya! :)

I know I say this every 100 followers or so, but I am truly grateful for all my readers.  I love working on Thrifty 101 and sharing ideas and tips with you all.  Thanks for your continued support and for helping get the word out about Thrifty 101. 
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