Monday, August 8, 2011

Florida Vacation Cost Breakdown

Some of you have been wondering if I kept track of expenses while on my Florida trip. Yes I did.

I wasn't going to post about it because I knew it would be a pricey trip...not so much on the "Thrifty" side of things. But we did save money on airfare ($69 one way) and we were able to do a few fun things like eat at a local diner, air boat ride, snorkel tour and stay at a nice hotel for 2 nights with the money we saved.

So here is a cost breakdown of our trip:

889 Airfare
420 Car Rental
210 6 nights at Red Roof Inns in South Florida (with family employee discount)
347 2 nights in Key Largo Hampton Inn
75 Dinner for 5 in Key Largo (yikes, I know!)
50 Groceries (milk, doughnuts, Capri Suns, Chips, Cookies, Cup of Noodles, lunch meat, cheese, bread)
40 Fast Food
82 Alligator Farm and Air Boat ride for 5 in the Everglades
107 Eco Tour and Reef Snorkel for 5 in the Keys
32 State Park Entrance Fees and Toll Roads
6 Parking meters

Total Cost: $2,258

So our 8 day Florida beach vacation for 5 cost us $451.60 per person.
Which is $100 less then the current air fare alone per person from SLC to Florida.
Okay, so I guess it WAS pretty Thrifty after all. ;)
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