Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HP Tablet re-order update!

If you tried to get a HP Tablet on August 21 from One Day Sale through Amazon and had your order canceled........YOU CAN REORDER YOUR TABLET!!!!

No matter what size you ordered, you will get the 32 MB Tablet. If you ordered more then one, they will only honor 1 of your tablets.

The process is daunting, but here is a step by step. I went through and got mine ordered and it honestly took about an hour. The website is getting SLAMMED so BE PATIENT!!!!!

Follow these directions:
  1. Click HERE to go to the Amazon order # lookup page
  2. Report Type: Items
  3. Start Date: August 21st 2011
  4. End Date: August 21st 2011
  5. Click on “Request Report”
  6. It will say "processing".....Refresh Page to get the download Link
  7. Click on "download" and it will open up a Microsoft Excel doc.
  8. Look at the date of your order and your order # should be under Amazon Order number (M &N columns)
  10. After you enter it you will get this message “The Order ID has been verified. Please check your e-mail inbox and click the link to continue with order checkout.”
  11. The link you get can only be used once!
If your link still doesn’t allow you to place your order, please call 1-877-233-7409. Wait times could be long, and we appreciate your patience. Once you are through, our customer service team should be able to identify your valid order ID and place your order.But first try the try link again and thanks for your patience.The number 1-877-233-7409 is only active from 7AM to 7PM PST.

Their site says if you verify the order # you will have a tablet on hold. You can call them in the morning, but I would definitely try the website NOW because the East Cost is asleep right now.;)

(Thanks Cucko for Coupons)
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